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SA inaugurates first private solar power plant

The Droogfontein solar photovoltaic plant, in the Sol Plaatjie Municipality, is one of the first large solar farms in South Africa built by an independent power producer – Droogfontein Solar Power. Arising from the government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer … Continue reading

Regional News

Obama administration says address climate change now – or pay dearly later

The Obama administration on Tuesday released a scientific report on climate change that not only says evidence of the change are everywhere, but also that if more isn’t done now to reduce human contributions to the situation it will tens … Continue reading

Global News

Renewable energy supports over 100,000 jobs in UK

A new report published by the Renewable Energy Association (REA) has found that the UK renewable energy industry now supports over 100,000 jobs, attracting almost £30 billion of private sector investment since 2010. The sector is now delivering 4.2 percent … Continue reading

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