Urgent Net-Metering Questionnaire for REIAoN Members

REIAoN did receive ECB documents for the review of Net-Metering practices in Namibia. Members are asked to download and answer the ECB questionnaire. The deadline to give “feedback” to ECB is unfortunately already this coming Friday – 15th of Feb. 2013. Your quick response would be therefore highly appreciated! Thank you for any contribution regarding “best practice” Net-Metering regulations in Namibia.

Please download the ECB review document (PDF) here

Please download the questionnaire document (DOCX) here

One of the most important points to look at is the proposed static limit (like 100 kW) for embedded systems. This limitation should not be a fixed one as long as it is not exceeding the capacity of the connecting point.

You are lost? Here is a “guided version” of the questionnaire (DOCX) as discussed on yesterdays board meeting

We asked ECB for an extension of the deadline. Please send your feedback to reiaon[@]gmail.com


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