Capacity Building

RE Capacity Building & REIAoN

Needless to say that in Namibia we have high ranking capacity (not only related to renewable energy). But as an association we need to push and foster more opportunities to build up specific capacity so the industry can be fueled from a pool of “overall skilled and very skilled people” to make fast technical progress in our country possible.

YES, we do have vocational training centers and a specific RE research institute (REEEI), but if it comes to compiling curriculum standards on international levels (maybe with some African/Namibian adaptations), we are still a bit behind – compared to some other Africa nations.

Please see what our partner association in Kenia is doing right now in regards to curriculum development. NO, we do not have to reinvent the wheel – just a bit more ACROSS-AFRICA communication will help to bring the continent at least technically closer to the rest of the world.

In future you will find here more information about RE capacity building & outreach activities.

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