05-2013 II Follow-Up ECB Workshop “Net Metering”

This event just has passed by and REIAoN will provide UPDATED DOCUMENTS here shortly.

There is a final DEADLINE to HAND-IN comments: 17 May 2013 at 14h00

Please read this short executive workshop summery from Conrad Roedern, Chairman REIAoN:

Today’s net metering workshop for me revealed a strong “roll back” strategy against any lucrative net metering legislation. The path of the last workshop has been abandoned in that

· There is no more SRI 60Amp “1-to-1” residential connection foreseen

· One-Register meters will not be allowed with net metering

· Credits for export will be only remunerated on a “avoided-cost” base (for all clients)

There must have been strong complaints and lobbying by the distributors. “Protecting the distributors’ revenues” today has been mentioned time-and-again.

Please look at the last version of the net metering rules: under “7.14” they introduced a new paragraph which deals with the loss of levy for the ECB due to customer generation. It seems very likely the “1-to-1” net meting with one-register meters for residential clients has been toppled because no levy can be attributed with the single-register method. At least this could have been a contributing factor.

This has been the last workshop on net metering!

The consultants have to finalize the rules and then ECB together with the consultants will prepare the version for legislation.

Download the official REIAoN feedback letter here: REIAoN to ECB

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